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General condition to access  Bass Culture SRL’s concerts.

We encourage all users of our shows to carefully read the conditions listed below, which will be constantly updated.
In the event of any information not listed here or if there’s need of any clarifications, please write to

Bass Culture as organizers of the shows, sets out the following conditions (except as indicated above):

Is Green Pass necessary to access the events?

Please refer to the legal provisions in force at the time of the event.

What are the terms of participation to the event for people with disabilities?

The event organizer reserves an appropriate (but limited) number of seats for people with disabilities and their carers (compulsorily of age) for each Event.
Spectators with reduced mobility who want to attend the show must complete the online application form located above, attaching the medical documentation attesting the disability, as well as a photocopy of their ID card.
Sending the booking request does not entitle you to participate in the Event, unless confirmed by the Organizer within 30 days prior to the date of the Event itself.

In case of availability of seats for the requested show, the Organizer confirms the booking in writing and provides all the information needed to proceed on payment (exclusively by bank transfer) and how to collect the tickets.
In case of non-confirmation, the request is to be considered rejected due to the exhaustion of availability.
The payment of the price reserved for the person with disabilities will allow them to collect the ticket, on the evening of the Event, for the person with disabilities along with a free ticket for the accompanying person. Only one companion is allowed for each person with disabilities.

The seat will be assigned (subject to availability), with priority for the highest disabilities with the right to accompaniment and continuous assistance, duly certified, according to the arrival date of the ticket booking request (when it comes to the same percentage of disability, the request that came first will be preferred).

Do children have to pay for the ticket?

Children up to the sixth year of age can access shows for free only if accompanied by a person who is responsible for it, with a regular ticket (prams, strollers, etc. are not allowed in indoor venues).
If the adult has a ticket for a section with numbered seats, the child is NOT entitled to occupy a seat and must necessarily be held in the arms. In non-numbered single seat sections, standing or seated (e.g. stadium pitch or parterre in an indoor venue), the child can also position himself seated or in any case next to the accompanying adult. In any case, the child from the seventh year of age pays the price of the full ticket for the corresponding section.

All minors up to the age of 16 will be able to attend the show, if accompanied by an adult, in the ratio of one adult for every two minors. The entrance to the venue and to the Show of a minor not accompanied by an adult is at the total risk of the exercisers of authority over the minor. Bass Culture declines any responsibility.

What are the conditions in case of bad weather?

The Show will also be held in case of rain and other adverse weather conditions. Unless notified by Bass Culture or a different order by a competent authority, the Show will also be held in the event of any other adverse circumstance. The audience will therefore not be entitled to a refund of the ticket price under these conditions, unless the Show is officially canceled and the relevant conditions below apply.

In the event that the performance of the show is permanently interrupted after the Show itself has lasted for at least 45 minutes, there will be no right to obtain a refund.

I've lost my ticket, can I ask for a reissue?

In no case is allowed the duplication or reprint of tickets already issued and subsequently lost, damaged, partially illegible or stolen.
Nor the replacement of a lost, damaged, stolen or even partially illegible ticket can be requested with a ticket of the same Event or of a different Event.

Can I ask for reimbursement in case of variation or postponement of the program?

Bass Culture has the right to change the place and / or date and / or time of the Show for technical-organizational reasons or for reasons of force majeure (such as, but not limited to, earthquakes, riots, storms, general strike, epidemic diseases , etc.).
The spectator has the duty to periodically check this website in order to verify that the place, date or time of the event has not changed. In the event of a change in the program of the show, the ticket purchased is also valid for the performance of the show in the new place and / or date and / or time. If the start or end time of the show is changed, but the event takes place in any case on the same day originally planned, or the place where the Show is held is moved to another place in any case located within the Province in which the Show it should have taken place and the Show takes place in any case on the same day originally scheduled, you will not be entitled to any refund of the ticket price.

In any other case, unless the change to another day depends on force majeure and not for technical-organizational reasons, the spectator may:
1. keep and use the ticket to participate in the Show in the different place or on the different established day, or
2. opt for a refund of the ticket price, where applicable, according to the methods set out below.

In case of cancellation of the show, how and who should I ask to process the reimbursement?

Bass Culture has the right to cancel the event at any time for reasons of force majeure aor for technical-organizational reasons.
In this case all information relating to the methods of reimbursement of the ticket price will be communicated (on this site and on the sites of third parties authorized resellers of the tickets, eg Ticketone and / or DICE).
It is understood that, with certain exceptions, the reimbursement must be requested to the same point of sale or at the sales circuit where the ticket was purchased and not directly from Bass Culture.
In no case it will be possible to request a refund directly at the box office of the venue of the Show.

Furthermore, it is understood that, unless expressly indicated, in the event of cancellation of the Show, the buyer will be entitled to a refund of the ticket price, excluding presale rights and also excluding charges, commissions and / or any additional sum that the authorized reseller has requested and collected by the buyer.

Except for the ticket price as indicated above, Bass Culture will not be liable in any way for any cost, charge, expense, damage incurred or suffered by the Spectator as a result of the cancellation of the Show and in any other case of reimbursement granted by Bass Culture itself.

The event organizer declines all responsibility in case of purchase of tickets outside the authorized ticketing circuits not listed in our official press releases.

A / V Recordings

Pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2006 (Privacy Code), Bass Culture informs each attendee of the Show that it could be photographed or filmed and that said images and footage can be used to produce promotional / commercial material relating to the Show itself and its artists / subjects.

The person participating the Show gives his consent to Bass Culture, with the right to transfer it to third parties appointed by it, to be photographed, filmed or recorded and the consequent exploitation of his own image within the promotional materials and / or commercial above.

Refusal to give such consent makes it impossible to purchase the ticket and participate in the Show. The data controller is Bass Culture Srl. The spectator is prohibited from recording, photographing and filming the Shows in whole or in part, with any audio or video equipment. Bass Culture reserves the right to carry out any type of control during the performance of the show and to take action against offenders for the widest protection of their rights and the rights of the artists participating in the show.

Cancellation of exhibition of one or more artist in multi-artist events

Except for any exceptions made known from time to time and clearly listed on this site, in the event that the performance of one or more artists scheduled as part of a Festival is canceled without causing the cancellation of the Festival or of the single date as a whole, there is no refund, in whole or in part, of the ticket price.