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Kokoroko, band composta da otto giovani musicisti tra i venti e i trent’anni, rappresenta una delle formazioni più carismatiche della scena nu jazz britannica. Il collettivo, guidato dalla trombettista Sheila Maurice-Grey, arriva in Italia per un tour estivo promosso da Bass Culture in collaborazione con Re::Life, che attraversa cinque città: il 5 agosto a Gorizia per Musiche dal Mondo, il 6 agosto all’interno della rassegna Acieloaperto di Cesena, il 7 agosto ad Agrigento per il Festivalle, l’8 agosto nella capitale per l’iniziativa “Villa Ada Roma incontra il Mondo” e il 10 agosto al Locus Festival a Locorotondo (BA). Il gruppo si ispira ai grandi maestri creatori dell’afrobeat come Fela Kuti, Ebo Taylor e Tony Allen, e si inserisce nella lunga tradizione della scena africana a Londra. Queste solide radici riprese, innescate nell’attuale fermento musicale londinese danno, vita ad un particolare sound afrobeat che sconfina in più generi: dal funk al jazz, dalle musiche

Il tour estivo in Italia dei Sons of Kemet, promosso da Bass Culture, prevede ben sei appuntamenti lungo lo stivale in cui sarà possibile essere catturati live dal nuovo suono della band britannica: il 29 luglio nella Rocca Malatestiana di Fano per Fano Jazz By The Sea, il 30 luglio a Villa Ada a Roma, il 5 agosto nel cortile esterno del Teatro Sociale Capovolto di Trento, il 6 agosto al festival Musiche dal Mondo di Gorizia, il 7 agosto al Dromos festival di Bauladu (OR) e il 12 agosto al Locus Festival di Locorotondo (BA). Il tour italiano del quartetto nominato ai Mercury Award arriva dopo l’uscita il 14 maggio 2021 di “Black to the future”, l’ultimo progetto firmato dalla storica etichetta Impulse! Records. L’album è una chiara e netta affermazione dell’identità nera, lo stesso Shabaka Hutchings lo rimarca dicendo «Il significato di questi brani non è universale, il contesto culturale di chi ascolta è ciò che darà forma alla sua comprensione». Un poema sonoro frutto di “rabbia, frustrazione e percezione emerse dopo la morte di George Floyd e le proteste di

There are two Italian events in which it will be possible to enter live the magical musical world of Jacob Collier and his Djesse World Tour: Saturday 26 February 2022 in Rome, in the Sala Sinopoli of the Auditorium Parco della Musica, and Sunday 27 February 2022 in Milan in the Alcatraz. Watch out for the presale! Tickets are available on from 10:00 on Thursday 25 February 2021. Just days ago, Collier took home his fifth GRAMMY Award for Best Arrangement (“He Won’t Hold You” feat. Rapsody, from his album Djesse Vol. 3), making history as the first British artist to win a GRAMMY Award for each of his first four albums (In My Room, Djesse Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3). Collier entered the GRAMMYs with nominations for Album of the Year and Best R&B Performance, he presented an award on the telecast, and is a 7-time nominee overall. >

🔥 LA HAINE x ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION - Live Soundtrack🔥 25 years after the release, we are delighted to present in France the cine-concert of the legendary film by Mathieu Kassovitz, which won a Cesar in 1996! You already know the synopsis: "It's about a society on its way down. And as it falls, it keeps telling itself: so far so good, so far so good, so far so good. It's not how you fall that matters, it's how you land."   13/04/21 - STRASBOURG (67) 🇫🇷- La Laiterie 👉 14/04/21 - BOULOGNE SUR MER (62) 🇫🇷 - Carre Sam 👉 15/04/21 - TOURNEFEUILLE (31) 🇫🇷- Le Phare 👉 17/04/21 - BAGNÈRE DE BIGORRE (65) 🇫🇷- Halle aux grains 👉 18/04/21 - TONNEINS (47) 🇫🇷- La Manoque 👉 19/04/21 - BORDEAUX (33) 🇫🇷- Rocher de palmer 👉 27/04/21 - FONTAINE (38) 🇫🇷- La Source 👉 28/04/21 - MULHOUSE (68) 🇫🇷- Noumatrouff 👉 29/04/21 - EPINAL (88) 🇫🇷 - Souris verte 👉 30/04/21 - ANNEMASSE (74)

After an intense campaign on social networks, their protest song Comin Over Here, featuring comedian Stewart Lee, reached No. 1 on the UK single download charts on the very first day of Brexit! Realised also on 12" vynil, the single with various remixes is a available on all the digital platforms The money raised from Comin’ Over Here will be donated to the Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN), a charity that supports young refugees striving to live independent and successful lives in the community. This incredible achievement led Asian Dub Foundation’s Steve “Chandra” Savale to exclaim: “This is an amazing result for a leftfield track that satirises casual anti- immigrant rhetoric. It's struck a real chord with people because it's both a tough tune and funny which is a rare combination. We're happy that this unexpected pairing of one of Britain's most brilliant comedians and most consistently radical band has raised a defiant

Thursday 26 November 2020 at 06:00, the short film "APULIA MOMENTUM" will be officially premiered online by DICE TV. A film by the videomaker Marica De Michele, halfway between documentary and video art, showing unusual details and landscapes of the Puglia region, south Italy, throughout the story on the road of the band Calibro 35 in the strange summer of 2020, both live and in the studio. It is indeed a strange moment when Calibro 35 had to promote their new album "Momentum": in a summer suspended between limited openings during the Covid-19 health emergency, the band hailing from Milan arrives in Puglia for two shows, one in Fasano (BR) for an exclusive streaming performance among the Archaeological excavations of Egnazia, and the other in Valle d'Itria at Locus festival in Locorotondo (BA). After that, the tour continued in the heart of Salento territory, for a recording session at Sudestudio in

Born in 1977, eight Grammy nominations, best Spanish-speaking rapper for Rolling Stone, Ana Tijoux doesn't need much introduction. In October 2019 his rap "Cacerolazo!", Posted as an instant song first on Instagram and then bounced around the world to the rhythm of the blows on the pots, became the anthem of the revolt to the dear life that brought Chile to the attention world. Exactly one year later, Ana Tijoux celebrates that great movement again with the song "Rebelion de octubre", a splendid song that reminds us how Anita's artistic dimension is much more articulated and profound than her very valid and original rap. Contacts: Availability in Italy: SUMMER 2021 and NOVEMBER 2021

The Comet Is Coming are deeply sorry, but due to the continuing changes in the scenario due to the COVID19 pandemic and the changing quarantine regulations in England, they will no longer be able to perform in Italy in October 2020. The group was particularly keen on these dates and hopes to return to Italy as soon as the situation allows. Until then, be fine and take care of each other! The Comet Is Coming

New entry of absolute international prestige among the Bass Culture proposals for the Italian market! A successful experience of the contemporary and avant-garde British jazz scene, breaking down the barriers between jazz, rock, and Afro-Caribbean influences! Four extraordinary musicians for an unusual musical formula: two drums (Tom Skinner and Eddie Hick), tuba (Theon Cross), saxophone and clarinet (King Shabaka Hutchings!). Three albums released since 2013 with relative awards and nominations as album of the year (MOBO Awards, Mercury Prize, Gilles Peterson