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Goldie is a pivotal artist for the entire European scene, known for his pioneering role in the 1990s British rave environment as a producer and beyond. He moves between different styles, mastering jungle and hardcore. His 1995 album, “Timeless”, entered the UK charts at number 7, but music is not the only art in which he worked, as he appeared as an actor in “The World Is Not Enough (James Bond ) ”And Guy Ritchie’s seminal film “The Snatch ”(2000), as well as on the BBC soap opera EastEnders.
2017 marks the 25th anniversary of Goldie’s first release, the short 1992 collaboration with Ajax Project, “Mach III EP”, immediately followed by “Darkrider” and “Menace”, the extraordinary “Killa Muffin” and the innovative ” Terminator” with the Metalheads monicker. Since then,two and a half decades of relentless innovations.

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