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2020 is the year of the release of “Blackbird”, the (almost) self-titled debut single by the highly anticipated US singer, Lady Blackbird.

An exciting interpretation of the powerful anthem for civil rights written and performed by Nina Simone. A track imbued with passion, enthusiasm and hope that at the same time presents the arrival of a new voice within the new global jazz scene, “Being in the legendary Studio B, (Prince’s room), at Sunset Sound with my band and my producer Chris Seefried was a revolutionary moment for me as an artist. He helped me find a new way to express who I am and marked my rebirth as Lady Blackbird ”.
Despite having influences from the most diverse derivation, from Billie Holiday to Gladys Knight, Tina Turner and Chaka Khan, Lady Blackbird (first name Marley Munroe) comes from Los Angeles with unparalleled style and emotional intensity.
His debut album “Black Acid Soul”, produced by Chris Seefried and played by a super band that includes former Miles Davis pianist Deron Johnson, presents a new approach to the typical jazz vocal idiom, by an artist with one voice. bold and unmistakable