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Lalah Hathaway set herself apart from the hard-edged hip-hop trends of the 1990s with a subtle vocal style rooted in her jazz training and in the classic soul vocals of her father Donny Hathaway. Her smooth voice brought her many admirers, for she was equally at home in styles ranging from R&B ballads and uptempo numbers to pop standards and jazz. She appeared on more than 100 recordings and concert performances by other artists. After a featured vocal slot on a major jazz release, pianist Joe Sample’s The Song Lives On, Hathaway re-entered the spotlight in 2004 with the critically lauded album Outrun the Sky. She remained a strong concert draw through the middle 2000s. Hathaway’s unique voice didn’t fit readily into any particular niche in an increasingly fragmented music industry.
A real Soul-witness of the scene, which is still among the most sought after and enchanting voices, 30 years after the self-titled debut.