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When the bass enters and the confetti explodes: MEUTE breaks the codes. The German Techno Marching Band combines the hypnotic character of techno music with the expressive exuberance of the brass band, freeing electronic music from the DJ console and renewing the image of musical bands.
Only percussion and brass, no computers, this is all Meute needs to revolutionize techno music, and at the same time bring it back to its roots.
Coming from Hamburg, in just two years, the eleven musicians in their unmistakable red coats are taking their irresistible show all over the place, and have managed to spread the love for their handcrafted electronics throughout Europe, becoming one of the most popular festival bands. continent demands.
Their videos of their impromptu street live performances regularly get millions of views and shares.
After only two years, the eleven musicians in their iconic red jackets are selling their club shows and have managed to spread their love of hand-made electronic music across Europe as one of the continent’s most booked festival bands. Videos of their impromptu street concerts regularly attract millions of views. MEUTE is constantly on the road, if it happens in your part, don’t miss the opportunity to attend a unique and breathtaking show!