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Sampa The Great is the stage name of the Australian hip-hop singer (of Zambian origins) Sampa Tembo. To his credit he has a dozen singles, two mixtapes and an album – The Return – released in 2019 by Ninja Tune. Sampa The Great is an example of a black culture in constant movement, always open to new contaminations without losing, however, the link with its roots.

The video for “Final Form” shot in Zambia, a new song for Ninja Tune by the artist of African origin but based in Sydney, is a return to the places of the soul of the poet, songwriter and rapper: “The video was inspired by conviction of making a spiritual exodus towards oneself. We, as blacks of the diaspora, often talk about the physical return to our roots, but not so often about the spiritual one. “Final Form” is meant to initiate that dialogue. It was important for me to make this video in Zambia, the place of my birth and where I come from […]. I was born and raised between Zambia and Botswana. From a mother Bemba and a father Tumbuka and canceling this, considering myself anything but Zambian / African, means canceling my history, my culture and my essence. Everything from which I was born ”, says Sampa The Great.

The vibes are the same as those touched by the excellent mixtape, “Birds And The BEE9”, winner of the award for best Australian album of 2017